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April 15, 2020

Today is our 7th International Pompe Day!

The goal of International Pompe Day is to foster international awareness of Pompe Disease and the slogan for our day is Together We Are Strong.

The IPA believes that raising awareness about Pompe Disease is key, and the theme selected for 2020 is Hope For The Future: It is an exciting time for the Pompe Community worldwide with new studies and treatments on the horizon, and Hope is what drives the patient community, and what inspires the medical\scientific community, and industry, to keep working.

And while the current Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented, and we are trying to take each day as it comes due to the uncertainty, now, more than ever, we need to have hope and spread hope, we will get through together as a united community and something positive will come out of it.

Our Hopes For the Future have been collected in a dedicated blog that the IPA has specifically created:

Thanks to all that have contributed, and happy International Pompe Day to our amazing Pompe community, to the Pompe warriors, families, carers, medical specialists and all those collecting our hopes and contributing to a better future!