International Pompe Association

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KinderUSA is an international humanitarian organization based in the United States that was founded by a group of American Muslim physicians and relief workers. With a support network of professionals across the globe, the work of KinderUSA is guided by the tenets of Islam relating to the importance of alleviating human suffering and fostering of charity, kindness, and justice. KinderUSA believes that we must not ignore a child’s plea for help and that all children are born with fundamental freedoms. They are entitled to the rights of survival, health, and education. KinderUSA puts into action programs designed to ensure these rights are not forgotten. E-mail:

Glycogen Storage Disease Network (GSDnet)

GSDNet is an unmoderated discussion list for all types of glycogen storage disease (GSD). The list is intended to be a resource and support network for individuals and families affected by one of the 11 types of GSD. Participation by medical and scientific professionals, and other relevant parties, is also encouraged.