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  • About IPA
    The International Pompe Association (IPA) is a federation of Pompe disease patient's groups.
  • IPA Members and Contacts
    Find a contact person or organisation in your country.
  • PompeConnections
    Our brochures are available in many languages and designed to help Pompe patients.
  • Online Community (How to Register)
    The IPA’s Community Forum is a private forum for individual patients, family members, and patient organizations to come together and discuss Pompe disease related topics. - The forum is intended for the patient community only. If needed, the IPA can offer a separate forum for medical professionals (researchers, clinicians, industry etc.).
  • Clinical Trials
    Useful links to informations about past and on-going clinical trials.
  • Pompe Survey
    Questionnaire project “Investigation into the clinical condition of late onset Pompe patients”.


The IPA website was updated in October 2014. Please apologize if some links are broken. We will restore the full functionality soon. Work in progress...

For contacting us please send an email or use the new community component. The previously installed helpdesk system was dropped.